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Internet Services

Wanting to keep in touch with friends and family via email or social networks? Maybe you want to watch your favorite shows over the internet. Let Oregon Telephone help you connect to the world.

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OTC Connections

OTC Connections is your local store providing office supplies and services as well as several internet options to the John Day and Canyon City communities.

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Telephone Services

Thinking of giving up your home phone? Before you cut the cord, consider these reasons why most Americans still consider a home phone to be indispensable to the safety and happiness of their family.

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Tech Talk

Has your computer caught a bug or acts like its on its last leg? Give us a call we can help you get your computer running like new again.

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Long Distance Services

Keep in touch with friends and family no matter where they are. Click below for a list of carriers to meet your long distance needs.

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Online Bill Pay

Looking for a convenient way to pay your bill? Look no further. You can pay your bill online. Just click the link below.

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Main Internet Services



Feeling the need for speed? This package gives you enough bandwidth to stream media while browsing the internet.

10Mb Down

5MB Up



This package gives you enough bandwidth to stream media and do some light browsing on the side.

6Mb Down

3Mb Up



This Package will let you stream some media formats as well as browse the internet. Higher speeds are recomended for HD video streaming.

3Mb Down

1.5Mb up



This package is great for basic internet usage and email. Higher speed packages are recomended for video streaming.

1.5Mb Down

756Kbs Up