Broadband Solutions

High Speed Broadband & DSL.

Tired of waiting for your dial-up to connect? If you have a need for speed, switching to Broadband/DSL will change
your life.

Broadband/DSL is

  • always on,
  • ultra-reliable
  • up to 25x faster than dial-up.
  • Best of all, Broadband/DSL allows you to talk on the phone and surf online at the same time.

Call 541-932-4411 to sign up for Oregon Telephone DSL today.

What makes us Oregon's premiere rural internet provider?
Continuous investment in superior, more reliable technology and an absolute commitment to personal customer service.

No matter where you are in Grant County, we have a solution to get you connected.

Families love OTC DSL, because we work hard to protect you and provide you with a better, safer online experience.

We are confident once you try our product, backed by our reliable, friendly, local customer support, you will stay with OTC for life.

If you are looking for better treatment from your internet service provider, connect with OTC today.

Current Pricing

  • Only $50.00 standard installation and equipment with 12 month service commitment!
  • New customers require a $15.00 activation fee.
  • If you do not wish to agree to the 12 month commitment, you can choose to purchase the equipment/wiring for $169.00
  • OTC`s qualified technician will install your DSL, you just sit down and start surfing! Enjoy the benefits of High Speed internet and email downloads, make and receive telephone calls while you are online, with an "always on" internet connection!
  • OTC strives to make DSL available to all customers in our service area, but some equipment restrictions apply.
  • Contact us today if DSL is not available where you live, we will do our best to determine which alternate high speed internet option would be available to you!
  • We can get high speed internet to most everyone in Grant County!

Broadband Packages



Feeling the need for speed? This package gives you enough bandwidth to stream media while browsing the internet.

  • Residential $69.95
  • Business $74.95
10Mb Down
5MB Up



This package gives you enough bandwidth to stream media and do some light browsing on the side.

  • Residential $59.95
  • Business $64.95

6Mb Down
3Mb Up



This Package will let you stream some media formats as well as browse the internet. Higher speeds are recomended for HD video streaming.

  • Residential $49.95
  • Business $54.95

3Mb Down
1.5Mb up



This package is great for basic internet usage and email. Higher speed packages are recomended for video streaming.

  • Residential $39.95
  • Business $44.95
1.5Mb Down
756Kbs Up



Basic Package for checking email and browsing the internet. This package is not recomended for streaming media.

  • Residential $29.95
  • Business $34.95
512Kbs Down
256Kbs Up