Who is Oregon Telephone Corporation?

What we do

What makes us Oregons premiere independent communications provider? Continuous investment in superior, more reliable technology and an absolute commitment to personal customer service.

No matter where you are, we have a solution to get you connected, be it local phone service, long distance phone service, dial-up, DSL, wireless, and satellite internet, paging, or Lifeline support services.

If you are looking for better treatment from your communications service provider, connect with OTC today.

This is Oregon Telephone Corporation

We believe that our communications services must enrich people’s lives and enhance their relationships.

We believe that every customer is important, and what each person has to say is meaningful.

We are dedicated to improving and building up the local communities we serve, and creating opportunities for people in rural communities.

We believe that our customers deserve the very best technology available, and know there is viable business in the small rural areas often neglected by larger companies.

We are leaders in independent communications, and pioneers in our industry.

For example, we were:

First to provide high-speed internet service to rural towns in the John Day Valley in Eastern Oregon. First to install fiber optic cable to the home in Eastern Oregon.

We bring big-city technology to small-town folks, and we will not compromise our small-town values.

Values such as:

Friendly customer service.

Oregon Telephone Corporation is the local telephone company for Mt. Vernon, Prairie City, Dayville, Bridgeport, Bates, Hereford, Unity, Ironside, and Cow Valley. Locally operated, Oregon Telephone Corporation is an independent company that has been providing service since 1914. The main office is located in Mt. Vernon at One Telephone Drive.

Why Choose Us


Superior knowledge & experience in telephone, internet & community.


Familiar & friendly faces!


Living locally, our crew has a vested interest in your communications.


Nearing 100 years in telecommunications.

Our History


Oregon Telephone Corporation is formed and begins to provide service to rural eastern Oregon.

  • Oregon Telephone History.
  • 1952

    The Company faced a big challenge when electricity came to the Mt. Vernon area and the grounded lines had to be replaced with metallic circuits.


    Oregon Telephone Corporation placed 52 miles of buried cable from the Hereford/Unity office into the Ironside area of Malheur County to serve 45 ranches that had never experienced telephone service.


    Oregon Telephone Corporation continues to expand our reach with fiber optics pushing the capabilities of high speed broadband further into rural areas..